What to Look for and Avoid in a Cat Harness

I love cats, do you? They are adventurous and fun to be with. Due to their explosive nature, it is best if you get a fitting cat harness. It will be of great help in case the cat gets lost. This article will give you some features to consider in the selection of best harness for cats. Read on


safety, cat harnessThe harness should not be too big or too small. Choose a size that fits perfectly. If it is too large, you are risking losing it. A small one makes the cat uncomfortable and might affect its breathing. If you are not sure of its size, it is best if you visit the pet’s stores with them for fitting. Makes sure that your pet is vaccinated and leashed because many stores only allow such in. If your two fingers can fit in between the body and the harness, then that is a good fit. Since the cat is growing, we advise the owners to choose adjustable harnesses. It allows the pet to grow with it.


The harness must be strong enough to stand cat play and outdoor activities. If they are wearing it all through, choose a strong material that can stand playing, outdoor life and scratching. If your cat is always outdoors, nylon material is the best because it is not affected by rain and the sun. If the cat spends a lot of time indoors, go for cotton, it is both comfortable and stylish. Make sure to check the washing instructions on each material.


This is a great concern to all pet owners. First of all, purchase harnesses with quick release closure in case he gets caught on something. Almost all harness have a reflective material for easy recognition when outside. Never buy one without reflective material. Do not rely on the harness fully for safety because it can become loose and get lost. An added collar can help, but you can still get a microchip from your vet. It is placed under the cat’s skin.

What to Avoid

  • fitting and adjustable cat harnessDo not buy a harness made from the heavy material. Leather is a good example. The weight makes the cat uncomfortable.
  • Avoid harnesses of one size. Get adjustable ones so that it can grow in it and you will not spend a lot in buying collars at each new stage.