Parenting is God-given. You have met the phrase that children are blessings from time to time. Yes, they are, gifts of nature. As much as it is a blessing, it is a hard job as well. New parents will tell you the challenges they underwent through with their kids, but the love covers it all. After three or so years, the baby is ready to attend school. Selecting a good school for your child is not easy. You will not want to separate with them, but they must go to school. A good school should help your child learn and know how to relate to other people. If you are in search of a school and somehow stuck, read on to get tips that will help you select the second home for your baby.


children playingHow far is the school you want to choose from home? It is advisable to choose a school not far away from home especially for preschoolers. If the school is miles away, they will be forced to wake up earlier than usual to catch up with the school bus. Such might make them hate school. If it is a walking distance, you will only wake them up about 30 minutes to time. Try as much as you can to get a school near home.

Learning environment

Have you visited the school? What are some of the activities carried out? Do they have a well-equipped playground? Are the classes well painted? Since they are new scholars, there should be doing something to make them look forward to going to school every morning. Co-curriculum activities work best for such age before you introduce them to class work.

Teacher-student ratio

A good school should have enough teachers to handle the students. Fifty pupils should not be handled by one teacher. It will mean that some will not get the required attention. Ask from the school management, the number of students available and how they plan to reach each of them. Do not settle for less concerning this one.

School fees

art, childrenHow much are you supposed to pay for school fees for your child? Well, different school charge differently depending on some factors. Some are too expensive. Now, the important thing with paying school fees is getting value for your money. We cannot all afford the most expensive schools, but at least we can afford to pay school fees in different schools. Always get quality from the fees you pay.