How to Roll A Joint/Marijuana Cigarette

Long gone are the days when marijuana was solely associated with the Rastafarian culture. Marijuana users are openly coming out to defend what they term as the “Holy Herb.” Nonetheless, cannabis is proving to be a miracle-working plant.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a recreational marijuana user or medical cannabis patient. Once you begin buying cannabis flowers, you’ll need to learn how to roll your joints. Even if you’re accustomed to getting pre-rolls, one day you may end up left with the choice of getting unrolled buds instead.

For this guide to be friendly to all stoners, we’ll focus on how to roll a regular.

Preparing Your Stash

Before beginning, make sure you have all the necessary materials. These include grinder (optional), rolling paper, rolling tray/surface, and filter tips if desired. Make sure that all your equipment is clean and not contaminated in any way.

If you are looking for a long-lasting ‘high,’ consider using king-size rolling papers. If you only seek an hour of meditation, a regular or medium size joint will work just fine. Take the number of buds that you desire and roll the filter tip to take a cylindrical shape.

Grinder or Fingers?

Now, it’s time to grind up your weed. Different marijuana users have varying theories leading to their desired method of grinding. I’d say either of the techniques work as long as the bud is properly cured. For example, if you somehow get ‘wet’ buds, grinding using your fingers can be annoying and time-wasting. A grinder, however, will work perfectly.

Rolling Technique

You have removed all the sticks, stems and seeds, how do you go about rolling with ease? First, take your rolling paper in one hand and using the other hand, pick up a sizable amount of ground-up marijuana. If you wish for your joint to feature a filter tip you can opt to place it in now or at the end of the process.

Once you pack enough weed on the paper, the next step is to tuck and roll. For proper tucking, continuously perform a rolling motion on the paper with both hands. Once the marijuana takes a cylindrical shape, using your nails or a piece of card, tuck the joint from the non-sticky end. You can now safely roll up until you get to the sticky end. Lick the gum to make it usable the straighten out your joint. Patch everything up using a match stick or a light tap on the table using the end with the tip.

If you did not place the tip on one end of the paper while rolling, now is also a suitable time to put in place. Make sure the tip is wide enough to stick and fit inside the marijuana stick. That’s it! All that’s left is getting a lighter and a snack in case of the munchies. Happy 420.…